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Mechanic Handing Keys
  • Do you use genuine parts?
    For all service parts we use genuine unless customer tells us otherwise. They do carry a small premium but we feel is worth it for quality and longevity. What type of oil do you use for a service? We use the oil recommended by the manufacturer for each specific vehicle. We always research the recommended motor oil ahead of every service and ensure it is the best for the car. Prices vary depending on grade, viscosity and whether or not the oil is synthetic and to what degree.
  • Are you an approved Mercedes garage?
    Officially the term ‘approved’ no longer exists. Only main dealers can use the term ‘approved’. We are a garage that works with Mercedes and have met the manufacturers criteria to be able to do so. We are an Independent Mercedes Specialist which is the only term a garage that officially works with the manufacturer can use. This means we have been granted access to a central Mercedes online database system alongside the dealerships. This is where all your cars records and service history are stored so both ourselves and the main dealer can see what work has been carried out on the car in an official capacity. We can also access all of the Mercedes pricing structures ensuring the best price and quality of service.
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